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  • Costs for Participants for the two weeks training: Image

Working Singles                                 $79.

Couples                                            $99.

Families                                            $139 (two adults and any number of immediate family).

Pensioners/Students/Unemployed        $49

The Seminar costs only cover the costs of running the event (manuals, ‘The Seed’ and dry erase pen, handouts, admin etc) and keeping the ministry going.  We have tried to keep the cost to a minimum so more people can come.  If finance is an issue, we ask people to bring what they can, we don't turn anyone away.


  • Costs for churches
Churches please reimburse the trainer for travel costs – either the cost of the Air Ticket or 35c/km if travelling by car. 

We do ask that an offering be taken up separate from the churches tithes and offerings and given to the trainer as we live by faith.  Thank you.


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