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  • Learning The Seed
    • How to create opportunities to share the Gospel
    • How to clearly present the Gospel
    • We teach hardest case senario, reaching a complete stranger, as well as how to reach friends and family
    • How to finish positively with people

  • The Main Seminar on the first Friday night and Saturday morning we cover the following:
    • The theology of the Follow up Booklet.  We examine the tool in detail.  Then, when we give the booklet away, we really know what we have given the unchurched person.
    • Understanding why we say what we say when going through ‘The Seed’.
    • Keys to making personal evangelism happen in your own life.
    • The theology of repentance. Why must a person make ‘Jesus Lord’ at the point of conversion?
    • The theology of hell and why it is such a key ingredient in the gospel message.


  • Practicals/Mentoring:
    • After you have learnt to use The Seed, a Train To Proclaim staff member can take you out into the field.  You can book in for 1 hour (so you aren’t out all day).  You can observe the Train To Proclaim staff member ‘loving someone with the gospel’.  Watch for as long as you want!   If you want, we will stand beside you and watch you ‘love someone with the gospel’.  No one is forced to do the practical component.

  • Revision:
    • In the second week we revise what we have learnt in the first week.  There is no new information.  The reason for this second week is two fold:
      1. Because people are busy they may miss some of the first weeks training session, they will then pick up what they missed during the revision.
      2. Because people learn at different speeds.  Some will pick it up very quickly and will not need to come in the second week, others may come to everything.  Normally you only need to come to ANY THREE TRAINING SESSIONS out of the six offered over the two weeks.

Check out the "Results" menu.  We are recording progress with these tools.  Trainee evangelists can log on and add to this as soon as they have ‘loved’ their first person with the gospel.


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