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Gospel in 7 Video

The Gospel in 7 is a 7 minute high quality animated video presentation of the Gospel, great for websites, outreach events/services and for anytime you want to show someone the Gospel message.  You can also load this onto your iPhone, iPad, Android, Netbook etc. and have it with you to show to anyone, anytime.


Interactive Gospel in 7 for Computers and Windows Phones

The Interactive G7 is for you to PRESENT the Gospel in an engaging way.  One of the fantastic things about this program is that you can opt to have the words that you say display at the bottom of the screen.  So you don't need to memorise a huge script in order to make a start with the presentation, you can just click and read the words that come up.  Can you read and click?  Then after a few practices to get your flow right you can use this presentation!  Check out the DEMO to see how you can flow through the presentation using it with a crowd. 

There are instructions on the main menu at the front regarding how to personalise the photo to your photo, as well as other helpful options.  The KEY OPTION to take note of is the 'short/long' versions. We suggest that you start with the short version to begin with and when you have mastered it then give the longer one a go!  If you want to preview this presentation online before downloading it then please click here .

Note: if you have a windows phone then please download the PC (Windows) version.  Note that you need to have Flash enabled.  Because you have a cut down version of windows on your phone it may not work, depending on the version, operating system, type of phone etc.  If the download doesn't work then you can always bookmark the online link and use this instead.

 Mac Version:

 PC Version:

 It would pay to set up a new folder first to save the following download into.  This folder is normally C:program files/MMSeed_PC. 


After extracting the files into the folder you have created, click on MMSeed.exe to run the program.  (Can't extract the files?  Click Here for more options )

Other Versions Completed:

Gujarati Version: (Northwest India)

Children's Version:

We also have a Childrens Version on PowerPoint that removes the mention of Hell and instead talks about how we can make it into Heaven.  This normally makes it acceptable to be used in State Schools if done in an appropriate way.  Look at the notes part of the PowerPoint to see what to say.  You can set up your computer to be viewing the notes while the projector shows the PointPoint show to the children.



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