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Huge crisis in western church

Joseph and Gysell Train To Proclaim has a vision to equip and empower Christians to effectively proclaim the Gospel.  Read more about our vision, training and evangelism tools.

globe_white copy If the Great Commission is to go into all the world with the Gospel, and most of the people in our churches cannot articulate the Gospel, then we have a HUGE CRISIS in the church ... read on

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data Train To Proclaim is serious about encouraging those who have been trained with 'The G7'.  Check out 'results' to see how we are recording the activity of those who have been trained.  Click here to register and join a worldwide team of people going out with the Gospel.

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Our vision is to  resource  Christians and churches with high quality and innovative evangelism resources. for FREE!

Click here for a demo of the Multimedia Gospel Presentation that is available here for FREE!



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