ImageWe have a number of different evangelism seminars or workshops that we can serve you with, ranging from speaking to your Ministry team or Church, App Workshops, Weekend Seminars and full two week seminars.  Contact us to get more information on any of these.  The full two week course is outlined below.

We recommend a dynamic two week interactive course led by Stu Millar (Evangelist), to learn how to share the Gospel through the G7 or Gospel in 7 tool. DVDs of the course that can be purchased and used for home-groups, individuals or even churches if having a trainer come personally is not a viable option.  But having someone present the training “live” is the most beneficial, interactive and interesting way of being equipped.

There is various formats for training, the most common is outlined below.  This is the format that most churches opt to use, but is not the only way that training can be accomplished.  We are always ready to discuss your training requirements personally and work out the best way possible to equip people in your church.

We can be contacted via our contact link, and you can download a copy of the document and information below here:

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Generic 2 week G7 Training Outline

*  Note: A revision session can be offered sometime in this second week for anyone who misses any Gospel session, or for anyone who wants to revise what they have learned.

How to share the Gospel:

  • How to create opportunities to share the Gospel
  • How to clearly present the Gospel
  • We teach hardest case scenario, reaching a complete stranger, as well as how to reach friends and family
  • How to finish positively with people

The Theology:

  • What is the historic Gospel message that Jesus commanded us to proclaim? What are the ingredients of the Gospel and why are they important in the message of salvation?
  • Understanding why we say what we say when going through ‘The G7’
  • Keys to making personal evangelism happen in your own life
  • The theology of repentance. Why must a person make ‘Jesus Lord’ at the point of conversion?
  • Understanding grace vs works and the importance of having this in balance.

Revision and missing sessions:

We are aware that people learn at different speeds and that people are busy and may not be able to make it to all of the sessions. The good news is that we can make available the DVDs so people can catch up on any session they have missed out on, and/or we can run a revision night as explained above.


After you have learned to use The G7, a Train To Proclaim mentor can take you out into the field. You can book in for 1 hour (so you aren’t out all day) to observe the mentor ‘loving someone with the gospel’. If you want, we can stand beside you and help you give it a go. No one is forced to do the practical component.

Empowering your whole church

We are aware that only a percentage of your church will be able or willing to participate in an evangelism training event.  So what about the rest of the church?  Stuart can meet with leadership prior to the training to discuss strategies to engage up to 100% of those in the church.  He can present in the Sunday services easy options for those not involved in the training event as a starting point for sharing the Gospel.  It is important not to create a ‘them and us” type scenario, and to build a culture of evangelism within the wider church.  See the 7 Level Evangelism Plan for more details.

For more information and to look at possible seminar formats to suit your church, please contact Stuart on

Also, check out the Results menu.  We are recording progress with these tools.  Trainee evangelists can log on and add to this as soon as they have ‘loved’ their first person with the gospel.