Standard Terms and Conditions

For the use of Train To Proclaim Inc. Copyright Resources

Free use of Materials, subject to restrictions:
There is no charge for this evangelism presentation or resource and no royalty asked or expected. You are free to use personally or publicly, duplicate, train others, and preach with it in churches or outreaches, providing that nothing is changed, quality is maintained and that the copyright information is clearly displayed.

Modifications allowed:
If because of Language or Culture you want to make a modification, then please contact us via email with such a request and we will issue written authorisation of approved changes.

Breaches to Copyright:
If anyone uses the Train To Proclaim Inc. resources and either makes a modification without written permission or removes the copyright, they are in breach of this contract and no longer have the right to use the resources in any form or setting. These materials have cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce over many years by many people and are being offered at no cost to Christians around the world with very little asked for in return.

You must agree with these terms and conditions to have the rights to use and/or duplicate these resources.

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