It is so good to hear such positive feedback from non-church people after hearing the Gospel!

I have just started recording general responses from non-church people to the presentation as they are so encouraging (names removed for privacy).  Many Christians think that non-Christians will not be interested in the Gospel but nothing could be further from the truth.  In general there is an interest, sometimes even a hunger to find out about spiritual things and an openness to understand what is in the Bible.  The key is to have a good presentation, not to be pushy and to go in a spirit of love and gentleness!

Comments from non-Christians after seeing the G7 Presentation:

J — It was an eye-opener

A — That was really good. Way better than other people who have talked to me before. That’s why I let you carry on.  Normally I don’t

J — I think I was meant to talk with you today

J — Yes helpful. I’ve got some mates who I can talk to about this

B — (from China) Thanks for that, it’s good that you are doing this.

S — That’s some food for thought!

A — (from Cambodia) That was very good

S — That was really good. Thank you, I appreciate your time. It was interesting

H — (Moslem) That was clear

K — That was really interesting. Thank u so much

M — That was awesome

J — (from England) Impressive

K — That was a really good presentation

J — I’m going to talk to my Priest about this