There have been thousands that have responded to the Gospel by surrendering their lives to Christ.

God is so good and is doing amazing things!  What a privilege to be involved in His rescue plan for the world.  I get many emails from Christians sharing testimonies of how sharing the G7 has resulted in someone coming to Christ.  I also get many responses through the computer and App versions where people have chosen to respond to Christ on the response page.  Praise the Lord!  Below is some of the ones I have documented and will continue to add to this.  I have also included positive encounters that have not necessarily resulted in a salvation, but will be encouraging to you.

Video Testimonies:

Tanya Tennant
John Rutter
Phil Sargeson
Farayi from Brisbane:

“I shared the G7 gospel with a certain lady at South Bank. At the end of my G7 presentation the lady said she wanted to explore it further. After 5 days I saw a voice message on my phone. “Hi, I want to go to heaven I really don’t know what to do. I am devasted and I want to go on the Sydney harbour bridge and jump down hopefully God will forgive me.  You shared with me how to go to heaven and my heart was ripped to pieces. I am addicted to meth and love my meth but it’s really hard to get out of meth you know…”

I couldn’t call back this lady as the mobile number  only showed unknown. However, I started to pray against the spirit of suicide mentioning her name before the Lord and that she should also call me again. Then after a few days I got a call and she started by asking me how she can go to heaven. Then I asked her if she understood the presentation I had done with her and she said yes. This time her voice was different and seemed to have been very normal. I said to her if you want to go to heaven you must surrender your life to Jesus Christ. I asked her again if she wants to give her life to Jesus Christ and she said yes. She was almost crying. I then asked her to repeat after me the sinner’s prayer, which she gladly did.

I then told her that I couldn’t return her call because her phone number is hidden. I asked her to send me her mobile number when we finish. She then told me about her problems with drugs and that her friends were influencing her to take drugs. I then told her that God loves her even if she is taking drugs and would help her to come out of these drugs.  I encouraged her to join a church and she said I used to go to church but the people weren’t friendly with her and suddenly the phone cut-off before we had finished.

I have not heard from the lady since that time, but I believe the Holy Spirit will help her to come out of the drug addiction and connect her with a loving church family. It still my hope that she will call me one day so I can meet with her again.”

Student in Brisbane:

“Hi, I am a student at ********* College and recently Stu came over and showed us a presentation on how to know God and follow Him. My family is Christian so I went to church and had bible times and stuff like that but after the presentation I felt almost guilty that I hadn’t become a Christian properly. Sure I tried, I really tried but in my heart I could feel like it didn’t work. So when I got my little booklet ( The Passion and You) I got really excited about it. I read the prayer in my room, on my bed and when I finished I felt a lot of happiness like I wanted to go and hug everyone I could see.
So I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the little push to make the right decision and become a Christian.”

From Gordon in Brisbane:

“I’ve been using the G7 app and have one decision for Jesus… my wife’s sister.  I must say the app is soooo easy to use.  I use the “survey” approach.  Done around 12 so far.”

Praise the Lord!  Gordon has never been to a training event but has picked it up just from the App.  Great to see people utilising the new Apps and how easy people are finding them to use.

Stu while in New Zealand

I’m travelling home from our yearly advance with key leaders from around the country, getting close to Wanganui, when I see a man hitching beside a white car.  I pull over and find that he is out of gas, although he thinks there should be $25 of gas still in his tank.  I wonder in my mind about this, thinking that maybe God had something to do with this and that we were meant to meet!

His name is Gavin and he’s from Queenstown, about 30, owns his own tiling business.  He asks me what I do and gets very interested when he hears about the G7 presentation. He had been reading a lot about Christianity and Eastern religions but had never had it clearly explained to him.  He wants to see the presentation so I pull over the car and take him through it.  He was hungry to understand and wanted to know more about what it means to surrender to God, so I give him the follow up booklet.  We set off for the nearest service station discussing it more, along with lots of questions.  Gavin shares with me his journey up to this point.  He was brought up in an atheist/agnostic family but knew something was wrong and was searching for the truth.  He read parts of the Bible and recognised that what Jesus said was right and that to pray to the creator of the universe had to be the right way to go.  He started praying and sometimes would feel a physical touch from God, a joy inside of him and he believed.  But he couldn’t find anyone to explain it all to him; he was left to struggle on his own – until now…

We arrive at the gas station and he thanks me for taking the time to explain it to him and expresses appreciation for being able to have some of his questions answered. He was going to hitch back with some petrol. I sense that I should take him back and that God wasn’t finished yet.  As we travel he expresses that he needs to step over the line and make the decision to surrender to Jesus so we go through the 7 attitudes in the middle of the follow up booklet, one by one carefully, making sure he understood what it meant to really surrender to Jesus.  I talked to him for sometime about the importance of linking in with other Christians (going to a church, alpha course etc.)  Unfortunately he doesn’t know any Christian at all (hence why he hasn’t found anyone to explain the Gospel to him – this is why it is soooo important that we “go” to strangers).  He takes a while to come to grips with a couple of the attitudes, but then makes the decision of will to give it up. He looks at me and says “I’m ready, I want to become a Christian”. We arrive at his car and he prays through the prayer in the follow up booklet and invites the Holy Spirit to come into his life and empower him to live for Jesus.  I lay hands on him and pray for him.  Gavin says he feels great and I feel tears welling up behind my eyes but push them back (like a good kiwi bloke does).  He asks if we can stay in touch as he may have some more questions so we exchange email addresses.

He fills up the car, and the car starts up.  I wonder how it happened that with all that gas in his car he ran out, just before I came along?

Marina from New Zealand:

“John and I shared G7 for the first time! We made a special trip to see mum and dad on Sunday and shared with them. John used the laminate with dad and I used the app with mum at the same time. It generated quite a lot of questions and feed back (which was extremely positive) so over all quite a good experience. They are both coming up to NP on Sunday to come to church as I am preaching. It was such the right time to share.  AND funnily enough it wasn’t as hard as I thought once you get started!! I believe it’s the start of a journey for mum and dad. We left on Sunday evening and they were both reading the booklet.”

Door to Door testimony – Stu

Horoe and TaniaOh no!!! They’ll think we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons! People don’t like to be disturbed in their own homes! I don’t want to have a door slammed in my face!

It is a scary thought, but going door to door is not bad as it sounds. Some people will let you talk with them in their home that would never talk to you on the street. Some invite you into their homes and talk in comfort for a lot longer and more personally. You know where they are so it lends itself perfectly to ongoing follow up. And best of all it is strategic! You can map out your area and know how many houses there are and go for it!!! Imagine knowing that you have taken the gospel to every house in your area!

Last week I went out door to door three times and had the most amazing time. The photo is a picture of Horoe and Tania who just loved the presentation. Here is what they had to say …

“I thought it was informative, good layout the way it was explained and easy to understand. And straight to the point. This is the first time I have ever had anyone come around and actually enjoyed it!” (Tania)

“It’s #$*#’en awesome!” (Horoe).