Seminar Participants

So what do those that have attended a Train To Proclaim Seminar have to say about the training course?

KH (NZ) — The G7 was really interesting, straight forward and easy to learn.  Overall it gets you excited to get out and share the Gospel.

KB (AU) — I feel inspired to share the Gospel as I never have before because I am now equipped.

FK (Africa) — The tool cuts across all cultures and covers all that is needed to proclaim the full Gospel.

SI (AU) — I was scared of sharing the Gospel but now I am not.  This makes it so easy and loving.

NB (NZ) — It simplified a complex and difficult thing we should all do and gave me confidence to do it.

CB (AU) — It’s invaluable, priceless. It’s God’s heart. Inspiring and challenging.

JR (NZ) — I felt inadequate at my skills to share the Gospel, but now I’m sure I can.

HP (AU) — Well presented, fantastic materials, great tools.

KM (NZ) — It’s a really comprehensive way of explaining the gospel.  So I was able to see it all in perspective.  I was able to explicitly turn away from my sins and choose to live the pure life that God wanted for me.

JM (Africa) — It gave understanding that many people will welcome a Gospel presentation if we package it truthfully.

JS (NZ) — Simple, concise, non-threatening, condensing of the Gospel.

DS (AU) — It’s given me confidence to go out and share what I believe is true.

LT (NZ) — It was the first time I understood what spreading the Gospel was.

DG (Africa) — It teaches basic concepts and practical approaches to evangelism.

TT (NZ) — This seminar has challenged me to do something I otherwise would have found intimidating.  I’m excited to get out there now!

PB (AU) — An excellent tool and fun to learn.  Every Christian should see this tool.

VB (NZ) — It has encouraged me to be more brave in sharing my faith.

ML (NZ) — Now I have a way to clearly explain the Gospel – I like structure!

CG (AU) — I have a lot of good non-christian friends and have wanted for a long time to be able to share what I believe in a “real”, non-church jargon way.

AW (NZ) — Simple and effective tool.

L (Africa) — It helps me to know how to proclaim the Gospel to different people.

CJ (NZ) — It inspired me to approach strangers about the Gospel.

PJ (AU) — Effectively equips the church to evangelise, even those who aren’t confident.


Barbara Gordan