Are you keen to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ impact lives all around Australia?

Dave Mann and Stu Millar are traveling around Australia right now introducing an idea called ‘Global Outreach Day’ to key leaders, pastors and evangelists.  By way of a very quick intro, Dave is the South Pacific G.O.D. Facilitator and Stu is the Founder and Director of Train To Proclaim Australia and NZ.

What is ‘Global Outreach Day’ for Australia all about?

At first it looks it looks like ‘just a program’ …but it’s not!  There are two parts to this vision/idea.

1. The day itself is very simple, the last Sat in May each year we encourage “Everyone reaching someone, and together we reach the world”.  But this is a bit like the cover of a book, what is behind it is most important.

Globally G.O.D. is just 5 years old and is already the largest outreach-mobilisation effort in human history, involving 155 countries and over 20 million Christians. It’s clearly a catalyst for something. See the 1min intro video at

Btw – there are no set programs, no costs, and each church applies the idea however it wants.

2. The questions to ask are: “What is this a catalyst for?” and “What is on the inside pages of the book?”. In short, it’s an approach to member-mobilisation that can work for any church, and help pastors get their immobilised members mobilised. It’s about realistic approaches for this, recognising both the multi-religious culture of our Western societies as well as the evangelistically-sceptical and ‘burnt’ culture of many church members. It is about changing culture – which takes time, but it works. This part excites me a lot – which is what I hope we could talk about, because I’m more than confident that this can help your churches  :-)

Would love to share this vision with you.  Please contact Stu on or 0403997719 for more information and to RSVP if you would like to come to a group presentation.

If you have contacts in other States that may be interested then feel free to send them an email and copy Stu in so we can connect.

We are in:

Sydney Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th September – group presentation 10am on Wednesday 14th Sept  at the Waverley Library Board Room, 32-48 Denison St, Bondi Junction.

Perth Thursday 15th to Monday 19th September –  group presentation 10am on Friday 16th Sept at Mt Hawthorne Baptist Church, 98 Hobart St, Mount Hawthorn.

Adelaide Tues 20th to Wednesday 21st September – group presentation 10am on Wednesday 21st Sept at Adelaide Congress Hall (City Salvation Army), 277 Pirie St, Adelaide CBD

Melbourne Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th September – group presentation 10am on Friday 23rd Sept, Prayer Tower, Level 10, Arrow on Swanston, 488 Swanston Street, Carlton, Melbourne City.

Brisbane Monday afternoon 26th and Tuesday 27th September only – group presentation 10am on Tuesday 27th Sept at New Hope Brisbane, 46 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove.