Most Christians in western churches cannot articulate the Gospel.  We have a HUGE CRISIS in the church.  The Gospel is the power of God for Salvation (Rom 1:16) but there has been very little training available for Christians to help them communicate the Gospel effectively in today’s modern world. People want to know the “how to’s”, they want to know how to create opportunities and how to share the Gospel clearly and quickly. Whether it be through a Training Event, DVD or Webstreaming, we have tools and training to equip you and your church to lovingly and confidently share the Gospel.


Training Events

Live training is the ideal.  These are primarily held in local churches and cover the essentials of sharing the Gospel.  Not just head knowledge, these seminars are designed so that when people leave they can confidently proclaim the Gospel to their friends, neighbours and even total strangers.  Find out more about what is involved in coming to your church.  Proposed schedule, details of what is covered and costs are all online.  Read More




DVD Training

Learning ‘The Seed’ 6 DVD Series – This goes through the entire training on how to love someone with the gospel and the theology sessions from our seminars.  It covers why we say what we say, biblical understanding of repentance, salvation, sanctification etc., and dealing with difficult situations and people.  Read More






When complete anyone with internet access anywhere in the world will be able to log into the website and complete quality training modules enabling them to become effective at proclaiming the gospel.  They can download the teaching, training and ‘printer pack’ (to print the resources locally) and make a start immediately.  Individuals, small groups or whole churches can now be equipped via the web, empowering more Christians to go into the world with a clear Gospel message.  E-Training will be based on teaching DVD’s and the Training DVD series above. And the best part … it’s FREE!!! All resources on the website will be available to download for free to resource the Kingdom Of God internationally.  Hard copies of all resources can be obtained through our Head Offices at cost price.