PC Interactive Gospel in 7

This is a powerful electronic presentation of the Gospel that can be used through a data projector to reach crowds. One of the fantastic things about this program is that you can opt to have the words that you say come up down the bottom of the screen. This is good for two reasons: Firstly you don’t need to memorise a huge script in order to make a start with the presentation, you can just click and read the words that come up. And surprisingly people don’t normally read the words, they are too focused on the diagrams as they come up. Secondly, you can use the words option as a tutorial to get used to going through the presentation, learning the script and learning to ‘flow’ through the presentation smoothly without any gaps. Once you feel like you are flowing and know the presentation well you can turn off the words and use the presentation to present the Gospel. Check out the DEMO to see how you can flow through the presentation using it with a crowd.

There are instructions on the main menu at the front regarding how to change the photo to your photo instead, as well as other helpful options. The KEY OPTION to take note of is the ‘short/long’ option. Depending on how long you have to present the Gospel will determine which option you choose. We suggest that you start with the short version to begin with as there is less to learn and far easier to use when starting out. When you have mastered the short version and you have a bit more time, then give the longer one a go!

Click here for a demo or download onto your computer for FREE!

Also available is the Video G7 that can run on your PC. Click here to download.