7 Level Evangelism Plan

Strategies for you and your church to share your faith

Would you like to develop a culture of evangelism in your church? Would you like to see a huge percentage of your church active in evangelism?

Campus Crusade for Christ statistics show that only 2% of Christians in the West are active in sharing their faith.  This is a huge crisis!  We must somehow mobilise everyday Christians to reach out to their family, friends, neighbours, workmates and even strangers. But how do we do this?  Many evangelists in churches have been frustrated by this task as there seems to be so many obstacles stopping Christians sharing the Gospel. Many Christians do not even understand what the historic Gospel message is, let alone able to articulate it clearly with a non-church person!  It is essential that you and your church have ongoing training , to be thoroughly equipped to be able to share the full Gospel message with love and grace.

But even if your church has received training in evangelism, how do you mobilise people to be active in sharing the Gospel? It appears that many Christians receive training, but don’t have a plan as to how they will use what they have learnt. There are too many evangelism tools sitting on shelves.  If we fail to plan, we plan to fail, as the saying goes.  If we aim for nothing, we get it every time.

This is where the 7 Level Evangelism Plan comes in.  It can help you and your whole church be active in evangelism! Sounds too good to be true?  Read on.  The 7 Level Evangelism Plan understands that every person is at a different stage, not everyone is at a point where they can jump up on a stage and preach to thousands of people or even sit down with a friend and share the Gospel. Some Christians are full of fear and inadequacy and would freak out at the thought of talking to someone about Jesus. Now this obviously needs to change, but it will take time.  But rather than just write people off, why not provide a plan that helps them be involved in evangelism at an easier level and allow them the time to grow and develop to the point where sharing the Gospel personally is achievable.  God understands where each person is at and can take people one step at a time. This is why the 7 Level Evangelism Plan works so well, it allow people to start where they are at.  Here are the Levels:

The Seven Level Evangelism Plan

Level 1: Privately leaving Tracts, with no one watching — no skill needed, fear factor is zero!
Level 2: Visibly leaving Tracts, with people watching — waiting rooms, ATM’s, telephone booths etc.
Level 3: Give people an “answersaboutlife.com” card.  No mention of Christianity, very little interaction “Have a look at this when you have time”
Level 4: Giving tracts by engaging people.  “Have you seen this?”.  Try having a chat if people ask any questions, get used to talking with non-church people.  A good tract to give out is the ‘Test’ tract.
Level 5: Sharing the ‘G7’ Video Presentation.  Ask someone to have a look at a 7 minute video on your phone or tablet.  Chat to them at the end about what they thought.  Or give them a DVD with the Video G7 on it to view and ask them what they thought when you next see them.
Level 6: Share the G7 Presentation.  Using either the laminated G7 or the Apps, present the full Gospel yourself.  It is best to do some training either live or via video to learn how to do this well.
Level 7: Share the G7 Interactive Presentation through a data projector with a crowd. Either use the PC/Mac computer version or connect through your phone or Tablet.
With the Seven Level Evangelism Plan…
  • Everyone in a local church can succeed immediately.
  • Everyone has a pathway to progress.
  • Everyone can start where they are at.
  • No one is pressured into doing something they are not comfortable with.
Why not?

Why not have each person in your church commit to the level that they are comfortable with, set their goals as to how often they will evangelise at that level and then partner up with a buddy for accountability and encouragement.  Just imagine what this would do to your church if everyone did this!  You would be well on the way to creating a culture of evangelism and would start to see amazing transformations in the lives of many in your church.  Let alone God working through these seeds that are planted and the results that that will bring!

You can download the following Goal Sheet here — 7 Level Evangelism Goal Sheet