The old PDA Version of the Gospel in 7 is a great way to capture attention and clearly communicate the Gospel.  Download it for  FREE!!!   This older version of the G7 still works really well, give it a go!


If you would like the Video G7 on your PDA/iPhone then click here.


We recommend a Pocket PC PDA/Phone with a minimum of 128MB of RAM and 400MHz processor. However, the PDA G7 (called  ‘ProclaimIT’) has been found to run on some PDAs with 200MHz processors and 64MB of RAM such as the HP 6365.

ProclaimIT also requires the standard rectangular screen of either 240×320 or 480×640 resolution, and will not work on non-standard square screens that run at 240×240 pixels.  If you have a square screen and can run PowerPoint on your device then download the PowerPoint version here.

Please note that this software requires the FREE Flash Player 7 or better, and will therefore not work on the Palm OS.